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Inspire your applications for the 2020 Innovation Showcase - Highlighting our previous winners.

The Innovation Showcase is an event that celebrates innovative products, services and initiatives throughout the cleaning industry. In the lead up to our Innovation Showcase we hold a Dragon’s Den style process. This is were all applicants present their entries to our panel of industry experts, who review and interview candidates, selecting those to be exhibited at the Showcase.

Are you ready to face the panel? Here are the innovations of our 2018 Winner, Bunzl, and Runner up Cheeky Panda.

Bunzl’s Innovative WandNEXT focuses on washrooms and facility’s management. Their product is an interactive commercial grade washroom table that revolutionises washroom management. The digital system allows users to report areas that need attention, while allowing the cleaning and facilities management company to build a profile of usage across all washrooms. This allows cleaning teams to respond to client needs but also to schedule their cleans based on footfall while logging the cleaning teams profile of activities. The data then produced allows the contractor to make proactive informed decisions producing excellent real time data analytics.

Innovative technology; Silver ion-infused, antimicrobial overlay Wi-Fi or cellular facility network connection Optional people counting sensors

Efficiency Manage staff performance Focus training on specific improvements Refine cleaning schedules

Productivity Insights into traffic patterns, cleaning tasks and supply Improve quality and quantity of labour utilization

“We are delighted to have won this award, and would like to thank the CSSA and CHSA for organising it. We are passionate about driving the cleaning and FM industry forward through Innovation. Wanda is a very innovative product. It is an interactive washroom tablet that allows us to make informed and educated decisions on our cleaning process’s based on real time data and client perception”. – Charlotte Parr, UK Head of Sales & Marketing, Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies

Our runners up were Cheeky Panda.

Cheeky Panda’s submission targets the world’s approach to sustainable products. Their innovation was flushable hand towels and bio-degradable plastic outer wrapping, which is possible through the use of the additive D2W.

Innovative technology Natural Sustainable

Natural No fertilisers, pesticides, B.P.A. chlorine bleach or fragrances Bamboo is natural hypoallergenic due to it’s long fiber nature

Sustainable Bamboo grows 30 times faster than trees Does not require replanting after harvest 65% lower carbon than traditional paper Against deforestation

We hope these two contestants inspire your applications for the Innovation Showcase. Entering is free and open to both individuals and organisations. There is no standard format, no fixed template – just capture your innovation at the heart of your product or service and send your submission to

Good luck!


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