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With the global rise of innovation and technology
Cleaning has also embraced change

As businesses adopt AI, automation, software developments, and focus on saving our environment,

roles and careers have diversified within the cleaning and service provider world.



Give real insight into the reality of working within our industry and it's diverse vocations open to those outside the industry. 


Encouraging people from all walks of life, whether they are a school or college leaver, graduate or simply looking for a career change, to reimagine their future and career as a professional within this sector.


The cleaning industry is a billion-pound global commerce, and according to the British Cleaning Council (BCC) reports economic contribution from the cleaning sector was over £54.5 billion in 2018, with overall turnover increasing by 28% since 2013.


Irrespective of this many still perceive the industry to be a low-skilled role involving nothing more than moving around a facility with a mop and bucket in hand.  This simply isn’t true.

From robotic cleaning machines, online training, artificial intelligence aiding processes, to sustainable chemicals the cleaning industry continues to making everyone’s lives cleaner, safer, and motivate good environments for work and our livelihoods improve the way we live and has progressed.


Whether you are currently a CSSA member or not, we value the support from businesses and individuals within the cleaning industry

  • Help us create a case study on your specific business, career path and role

  • Promote #CSSACleanStart within your social posts

  • Share your news with us

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