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How IoT is progressing the Cleaning Industry

Today, everything is connected. The internet of things (IoT) is a hot topic in business as we transition to a new era.

So what is IoT? IoT devices refers to a system of interrelated, internet-connected objects that can collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention. This is done through sensors and mini-computer processors that act on the data via machine learning. Machine learning refers to the method computers learn in a similar way to humans — by collecting data from their surroundings — and it is what makes IoT devices smart. The personal and business possibilities are endless.

According to a recent report from the market research firm Gartner, there are more than 14 billion IoT devices in use today, with 25 billion IoT items projected to exist by 2021. With the ongoing advances of technology and it’s integration in our day-to-day lives, the potential for IoT in the cleaning industry is immense.

As we have seen in our two previous Innovation Showcase events, the amount of IoT in the sector is huge. Our selected finalists that brought IoT products were;

Bunzl's WandaNext uses sensors to aid facility management and allows users to report incidents to management.

Dorsavi, wearable sensory technology reduces work related injuries, capturing movement data.

Ucomply Uauthenticate scans documents and extracts data sored on the RFID

Essity – Tork easy cube collects real time data using sensors and directs cleaning teams to where they are most needed

Infraspeak – Near field communication technology. Another facility management product uses NFC tags to track and generate reports and schedule inspections, stock.

Spotta, smart pest systems, AI detects bed bugs and communicates to management.

Whiffaway – smart washrooms. Sensors Collect data and track patterns avoid run to break scenarios. The application provides an interactive 3D washroom platform, while an easy to navigate user interface delivers data in a measurable way.

IoT is characterized by smart sensors and the data generated from them. Data which is worth more than gold in this business. The power of data means increased productivity and the opportunity to explore new avenues for new technologies.

IoT presents numerous benefits. The main points we saw from our all our entrants was;

· Increase Revenue and Efficiency

· Fixing Prices with Demand-Supply Data

· Getting the Work Done by Robots

· Shiny-New Customer Experience

· Pull Down Operational Cost

· Polishing Business Intelligence

· Reduce waste

· Control budgets

· Improve maintenance control

But most importantly, it creates a healthier workplace. Each development in innovation and technology makes us better at attaining newer and higher standards. Improving the industry for everyone involved.

Do you have an IoT device that is revolutionising the industry? Do you want to be recognised for progressing the industry and having your business and achievements seen by over 7200 visitors? The Cleaning Show is UK's largest cleaning and hygiene event. It’s the only major event where companies can market, sell and promote their products and services to an international cleaning audience.

How to enter.

To enter the Innovation Showcase with the chance to exhibit at the Industry’s leading event, The Cleaning Show, capture the heart of your product, service or initiative and email All entries have a £250 fee, which will be refunded if unselected to exhibit at the Cleaning Show. To find out more and read about our previous winners visit


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