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CSSA Industry Lunch Remains A Firm favourite

Once again the Annual CSSA luncheon proved to be the “go to” event for the cleaning and facilities industry. In the superb surrounding of the Savoy Hotel the members and guest were served a fantastic 3 course menu couple with 2 key note talks from Sally Gunnell and Francessca Maartinez.

Doug Cooke the CSSA chairman gave a short welcome address before inviting Francessca Martinez to entertain the guests with her comedy act focused on equality and diversity. She made light of taboo subject of disability using her own life experiences to bring much laughter to all the attendees. She showed the absurdity of segregation and exclusion based on “ability” and “disability”. She mocked Sally Gunnell for her lack of singing ability and asked if she was sent to a “special” school because of her inability to “sing”. She was both comically funny and inspirational in her approach to life and her focus on raising awareness of equality and diversity in the world.

The audience gave Francessca a standing ovation before enjoying the main lunch and sweet before the legend Sally Gunnell gave an insight into her life and how a normal girl from Essex managed to become a Gold medal Olympian. A fascinating story of dedication, disappointment and joy, highs and lows and much more… Sally was a delight to listen too and even gave time to take questions from the guests.

In the close Doug Cooke gave the attendees a quick update on the progress of the CSSA over the last year, giving thanks for the Directors that give their time generously and the current CSSA members for their support. He also encouraged non members to join the CSSA and support the fantastic work being done to protect our wonderful industry.


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