Choose to Challenge

The CSSA Women’s Group was an initiative first introduced at a CSSA Annual Event by our founder and first Chairman, Vanessa Van Santen-Smith.

From this and with Her foresight this gave us a number of key points to focus on:

To further the recognition of Women in associations and member organisations;

To further the recognition of Women, in all capacities in the UK Cleaning and Support Services Industry, including senior management and directorate level positions;

To organise activities which support these aims.

Although the British Cleaning Council 2015 survey demonstrated in general, the female/male ratio was balanced it did not reflect the same value when considering management positions and above. The greatest split was at Board level, a factor across may industries so we are not unique. Research suggests that women and the young will apply for a management or above role if they feel 120% confident in their skills and abilities, yet men will apply for the same opening when they feel just 65% confidence. Our aim is to change this!