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Chamberlaine Cleaning Services LTD. now a CSSA Member

The CSSA are delighted to announce Chamberlaine Cleaning Services LTD. have renewed their membership.

Cristian Benitez, HSEQ MANAGER of Chamberlaine Cleaning Services, says ‘We recognise that in this ever-changing environment development, Training, and innovation is essential to secure growth, market presence, and consolidate reputation. We look forward to work with CSSA to widen our work base within the cleaning industry.’

Since 2017 CSSA have been working on building more relationships, offering networking opportunities, raising the standard and the profile of the cleaning industry.

John Findlater, CEO of the CSSA says ‘we are proud to have Chamberlaine Cleaning Services LTD. as a new member of the Association and welcome the wealth of experience the organisation can present as an example to the rest of the industry and thank them for their continued support’.


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