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Benefits for Innovation Showcase Applicants

One of our goals is to unearth all the good work that is going on in the cleaning industry and to inspire other businesses to embrace change for the better.

Attracting more than 7200 visitors, the London Cleaning Show is the UK's largest cleaning and hygiene event. It’s the only major event where companies can market, sell and promote their products and services to an international cleaning audience.

As we collectively evolve, the world is embracing Innovation and technology and we want to shine a light on those that are adopting NEW for the better.


"Being a relative newcomer to the industry and having not worked in the industry before a lot of people have been sceptical about what Cheeky Panda can achieve. Sometimes its felt like we’ve been made to stand at the back of the queue for opportunities and that’s been frustrating particularly in the early years when we have such a sustainable zero carbon solution for large corporates. We were runner up to Bunzl in the innovation showcase in 2018 and that really helped people take us seriously and that we could make a huge difference to our category by using bamboo a faster growing alternative to trees.

Then to win the showcase in 2020 with our plastic free range is such a great achievement as the judging panel are some of the most influential and senior people in the sector. For them to review our innovation against much larger companies and think we are the best just shows how far we have come in such a short period. Having a start-up mentality really helps with innovation and we continue to develop new products and address the key issues facing the soft services issues such as faster growing alternatives, plastic free and carbon zero. We hope to continue to enter CSSA events through the years as we continue to lead our category on innovation." - Chris Forbes CEO


"The main benefit was around being face to face with people to give a live demonstration of Smartcall so that people can see the benefits first hand and in real time. Smartcall is a video support call that on-site cleaning operatives can use to connect to our technical experts who can help them fix simple equipment issues and faults over the phone, without the need to send an engineer." - Julie Kitchener - Head of CS & Marketing

How to enter:

To enter the Innovation Showcase with the chance to exhibit at the Industry’s leading event, The Cleaning Show, capture the heart of your product, service or initiative and email All entries have a £250 fee, which will be refunded if unselected to exhibit at the Cleaning Show. To find out more and read about our previous winners visit

What's the process:

The innovation executive team are real thought leaders in the cleaning industry. All who enter CSSA Innovation showcase will meet the panel where you will demonstrate your innovation and answer their questions directly. Those selected as finalists will be given the opportunity to exhibit at the Cleaning Show, in an area dedicated to industry progress!


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