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2021 Innovation Showcase Finalists

The Cleaning Support Services Association’s 2021 Innovation Showcase celebrates the cleaning industry’s most innovative products, services and initiatives. The event – taking place at The Cleaning Show for the first time - brings together technology and new ideas from both inside and outside of the cleaning sector that create the potential for positive change.

Judging recently took place at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium by two panels of industry experts. Over the two days - which took the form of a Dragon’s Den – entrants had the opportunity to sell the benefits of their product, concept or service and explain how it adds value to the cleaning and hygiene industry. At the end of the process the judges selected nine finalists to be showcased in a special exhibit at this year’s Cleaning Show.

The Finalists Bunzl CHS - Sustainable Solutions:

Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies (BCHS) is a leading supplier of cleaning and hygiene products offering a national branch network linked in real-time on the same business system. It has a commitment to sustainability and an ability to showcase innovation.

The BCHS Sustainable Solutions aim is to support customers in achieving time, cost and carbon savings and improve the overall sustainability of the products they use. BCHS provides a unique product certification tool that provides customers with a trusted insight into the sustainability of the products they are buying across a range of criteria including a consideration of CSR activities, packaging materials, environmental impacts in use, and end-of-life. Carbon Forecast is able to inform customers of the actual and potential carbon savings in their contract by utilising advanced data diagnostics. Carbon Offset is a value-add part of BCHS Sustainable Solutions, intended to incentivise the reduction of supply chain emissions. BCHS offsets the remaining delivery emissions on a participating customer’s behalf and provides it with a certificate to communicate its sustainability practices.

Ecobreeze - Ecobreeze Smart & Pure:

Washroom Wizard Ltd’s EcobreezeSmart is a complete IoT air care solution that provides valuable organisational and operational insights. EcobreezeSmart allows for occupancy monitoring whilst improving indoor air quality, assisting building management via a simple heat map that shows visits by time and day. This, in turn, improves cleaning rotas and allows cost savings.

Washroom Wizard was founded in 2007 to develop an effective odour management system. After nine years of R&D, Ecobreeze was launched and immediately gained traction. The Ecobreeze system has undergone rigorous performance tests at independent laboratories (in both the UK and US) demonstrating that it removes 89% of malodours and 80% of airborne microbes within 30 minutes.

ICE - Complete Autonomous Cleaning Range: With over 50 years of experience, ICE is the UK’s largest independent provider of cleaning equipment. ICE has over a decade of experience in providing and servicing robotic floor cleaning machines. ICE Co-Botics represents the complete range of autonomous vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers and sweepers in various sizes, suitable for a whole host of environments. They are designed to work alongside cleaning teams, allowing operatives to focus on crucial detailed cleaning tasks such as sanitisation. The company also offers a range of cleaning equipment with water recycling capabilities, offering both productivity and sustainability benefits.

NextDynamics - Squeegee Advanced:

Nexdynamic Ltd is a software and web development company established in 2012 with the goal to ‘automate everything’. What makes Nexdynamic different is its relentless pursuit to provide the best technology and customer experience, to every business, not just those large enough to swallow the development costs. Real-time data, easy to use technology to improve efficiency and features based on the needs of users has driven the development behind the Squeegee platform from day one in 2016, to where it is today. Today, Squeegee is used by thousands of businesses with registered users in more than 130 countries. It's easy for workers to use on any mobile device with real time updates so administrators can keep on top of the daily transactions and end-to-end management of the entire business - from adding new prospective clients and sending quotes, to managing accounts, all in one place. Optiqo - The Future Now: Optiqo offers digital system solutions to optimise a cleaning service and makes visible, in real time, the delivery of an operation. The system can direct the cleaning and facilities personnel based on the foot-flow and data collected, deliver quality control and provides validation of the service performed. By converting the collected data into actionable statistics and insights, Optiqo can help users plan service frequencies based on the actual need and, in turn, improve cost efficiency as well as visitor satisfaction. Proven in Europe and North America over several years, as well as many other countries around the world, solutions are simple to install, cost effective and ready to launch in the UK.

Orion Eco Solutions - Orion Eco Solutions Systems:

Orion Eco Solutions is a next generation virus protection company. Its innovative technologies offer a complete solution for air, surfaces, people, and the environment. The company’s newly branded Vortex range offers comfort for clients and their customers with proven test cases along with rigorous independent testing to back up all claims. Products and technologies are used in all industries/sectors with great success. Pilot Lite Ventures - W'air Sustainable Fabric Care: Ideal for use across hospitality services, contract cleaning, fashion and retail, W'air is a pioneering 3-in-1, eco-friendly device that cleans and protects clothing and other fabrics. Its patented hydrodynamic technology uses just a fraction of the water, energy and detergent of conventional cleaning, so users can save valuable time and money as well as the environment. The system removes stains and spills, allowing users to spot clean anything from cushions and carpets to uniforms and soft furnishings. It also refreshes and revitalises, with users able to freshen up musty fabrics or simply revive lightly worn clothing between washes. The deep clean function avoids costly and time-consuming professional help or trips to the dry cleaner. Selden - The Solution: Reuseable Containers:

Selden Research Ltd develops and manufactures cleaning and hygiene chemicals for the professional end-user. Products are manufactured under the widely recognised and respected Jeyes Professional and Selden brands, as well as private label. It also manufactures bespoke formulations, and prides itself on its ability to develop a wide range of industry-leading, high performance products.

Whilst product quality and reliable, cost-effective supply will always be important considerations, Selden’s proposition goes far deeper - its product innovation, technological development, environmental protection, and exceptional service have always been at the forefront of what it offers, now enhanced by this latest innovation aimed at eradicating the use of single use plastics within the cleaning industry - the patented Solution system.

Softbank Robotics - Whiz Cleaning Sweeper:

SoftBank Robotics EMEA delivers innovative automation and cobotic solutions to a range of industries in the EMEA region. Its cobots (collaborative robots) are designed to support and empower people in their work, removing the strain of repetitive and time-consuming tasks and enabling staff to focus on higher value activities which makes a real difference to clients. Within the FM and commercial cleaning industries, the company’s automated cleaning products enable contractors to adopt a smarter, more sustainable approach to service delivery, through new technology and agile business models. Products are designed to free up cleaning teams to focus on added-value tasks, whilst driving greater performance and consistency in specific areas of service delivery.


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