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This event celebrates the cleaning industry’s most innovative products, services and initiatives; particularly better solutions to social, political and environmental requirements, and existing market issues.

Businesses and organisations operating throughout the industry enter their innovative products, services and initiatives. Preceding to the Innovation Showcase, we hold an Innovator's Pitch with a panel of leading industry experts who review and interview all entrants and select those to be exhibited at the Innovation Showcase itself. 


Not only will our Innovation Showcase event show the selected innovators but will also feature a robotics demonstration from CSSA Member specialists in the Robotics Sector. Food and beverages will be free to all attendees.

Whether you’re an owner of a commercial or industrial cleaning company the event is the perfect opportunity to see ways to optimize your process; increase productivity, improve quality, boost profitability and meet demands for a better environment. The event not only demonstrates that the Cleaning Industry is a driving force for the evolution in the cleaning field, but has the potential to reinvent a wide range of industries via serving social and environmental needs.

Innovative cleaning processes are fundamentally altering the way business owners manage their companies, and how employees conduct their day-to-day activities. From green cleaning and new equipment to social media marketing and automated management, staying ahead of the competition means being aware of cleaning trends at all times.

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The criteria for selection is simple:

The product, service or initiative must have innovation at its heart.

It must add value to the cleaning and hygiene industry.

Send your entries to: innovationshowcase@cssa-uk.co.uk

If you’d like to take part in the Innovation Showcase it’s simple;

  • Open to individuals and organisations

  • There is no predetermined entry format or template 

  • All entrants will be invited to present to our panel at the Innovator's Pitch 

  • If selected you will be exhibited at the London Cleaning Show

The process of the Innovation Showcase begins with an entry. All entrants present to a panel of the UK industry figures at our Innovators Pitch. Following a concise presentation the applicants will face questioning and testing of their innovations for the chance to win the industry award. 



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Bunzl CHS

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions aim is to support customers in achieving time, cost and carbon savings and improve the overall sustainability of the products they use. Providing a unique product certification tool and carbon forecast by utilising advanced data diagnostics. Carbon offset incentivises the reduction of supply chain emissions. 

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Ecobreeze Smart & Pure

IoT air care solution that provides valuable organisational and operational insights. EcobreezeSmart allows for occupancy monitoring whilst improving indoor air quality, assisting building management via a simple heat map that shows visits by time and day. This, in turn, improves cleaning rotas and allows cost savings.

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Complete Autonomous Cleaning Range

Autonomous vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers and sweepers in various sizes, suitable for a whole host of environments. They are designed to work alongside cleaning teams, allowing operatives to focus on crucial detailed cleaning tasks. ICE also offers a range with water recycling capabilities, offering productivity and sustainability benefits.

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Squeegee Advanced

Squeegee is a scheduling app to help manage your business.
  Keeping your business data online and offline the easy to use tech improves efficiency. Features based on users needs with real time updates so administrators can keep on top of the daily transactions and end-to-end management of the entire business - from adding new prospective clients and sending quotes, to managing accounts, all in one place.

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The Future Now

Digital system solutions to optimise a cleaning service and makes visible, in real time, the delivery of an operation. The system can direct cleaning and facilities personnel based on the foot-flow and data collected, deliver quality control and provides validation of the service performed. By converting the collected data into actionable statistics and insights, Optiqo plans service frequencies based on need, improving cost efficiency as well as visitor satisfaction.

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Orion Eco Solutions

Orion Eco Solutions Systems

Orion Eco Solutions is a next generation virus protection company. Its innovative technologies offer a complete solution for air, surfaces, people, and the environment. The company’s newly branded Vortex range offers comfort for clients and their customers with proven test cases along with rigorous independent testing to back up all claims. Products and technologies are used in all industries/sectors with great success.

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Pilot Lite Ventures

W'air Sustainable Fabric Care

Pioneering 3-in-1, eco-friendly device cleans and protects fabrics. Its patented hydrodynamic technology uses a fraction of the water, energy and detergent of conventional cleaning, so users save time, money and the environment. The system removes stains and spills, allowing users to spot clean. It also refreshes and revitalises, and the deep clean function avoids costly and time-consuming professional help or trips to the dry cleaner.

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Reuseable Containers

Products are manufactured under the widely recognised Jeyes Professional, Selden brands, and private label. As well as bespoke formulations -ability to develop a wide range of industry-leading, high performance products.

Whilst product quality and reliable, cost-effective supply will always be important considerations - its product innovation, technological development, environmental protection, and service is enhanced by eradicating the single use plastics within the cleaning industry - the patented Solution system.

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Softbank Robotics

Whiz Cleaning Sweeper

Automatic and cobotic solutions to a range of industries in the EMEA region. Its cobots (collaborative robots) are designed to support and empower people in their work, removing repetitive and time-consuming tasks, enabling staff to focus on higher value activities. Enable contractors to adopt a smarter, more sustainable approach to service delivery, through technology and agile business models driving greater performance and consistency in specific areas of service delivery.


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Cheeky Panda: Bamboo Tissue Range

Eliminating single use plastic and reducing recyclable plastics is a key priority to almost all large corporations and government organisations.


Cheeky Panda is first to introduce this plastic free solution across the range. 

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Tork EasyCube

Tork EasyCube is a facility management software that empowers your team with data on cleaning needs, letting them see on a tablet exactly what’s needed, when and where. The result is a whole new level of efficiency, staff engagement and customer satisfaction. 

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NFC Technology

Infraspeak uses NFC tags to track assets and locations, giving managers control and cleaners an easier life. By scanning a tag with
their smartphone, cleaners instantly view in the Infraspeak App all the jobs that need to be performed, along with any information or
documents required.

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Waste Management

Waste management that utilises London's waterways. Tugs & barges use significantly less energy to move far greater volumes of waste in a single movement. Transporting waste using this method diverts traffic off London’s congested roads and dramatically reduces air pollution in the process. 

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Virtual Room Experience

Jangro's Virtual Room platform aims to help customers plan and train in the 'real world'. Allowing users to view the following seven virtual 'worlds' and see what products are required and how to clean that particular area. It also links to all relevant digital resources including COSHH risk assessments, product usage guides, safety data sheets, LMS courses and Task Cards.

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One Spray:

Zoono Products Range

OneSpray Protector cleaning system offers proven long-lasting surface and skin protection complemented by exclusive MACROfibre technology that provides a deep-clean daily routine using just water.

No disinfectant whatsoever involved throughout the process. It works by mechanical means and bursting harmful cells as soon as they touch the surface.

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Smart Pest Control Systems

Spotta provides continuous monitoring of bed bugs to guarantee system uptime.


The system can be self installed and maintained with remote support.


Anytime a bed bugs enters a Spotta Bed Pod you get an email with a picture and note which room it’s in.

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Employment Challenge

uComply's Onboarding processes entirely makes your documents digital, meaning they will be simpler, easier to store and send, more searchable and more versatile than paper. uComply’s Onboarding solution helps ensure greater GDPR compliance. Store all your documents centrally, securely and encrypted in the cloud for easier retrieval.

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Smart Washrooms

Using its experience in waterless urinal technology, biological solutions and closed systems, WhiffAway has developed and installed the world’s first fully connected smart washroom technology. WhiffAway’s Smart Washroom uses IoT enabled sensors to collect data within the washroom. The application provides an interactive 3D washroom platform, which delivers data in a measurable way.


The Forces Group, Sean Taylor

“I urge people across the industry to take part. It should be great fun, but it will also be an opportunity to share great ideas with others.”