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Thank Your Cleaner Day

The CSSA are proud to be involved with Karcher and the Thank Your Cleaner Day™ – a global campaign to recognise the hard work of cleaners and to let them know they are valued and appreciated within businesses.  CSSA board directors, Paul Ashton, Doug Cooke, John Findlater, Michael Rutherford, Yvonne Taylor and Lisa Hylton were invited by Karcher to help create digital content. Each of the Directors was filmed talking about the importance of the Thank Your Cleaner Day™.

Paul Ashton (Chairman – CSSA Innovation & Technology Executive) commented “The CSSA is immensely proud of our industry and thank Karcher for helping us recognise the essential and often unseen work that keeps industry moving”

The aims of the Thank Your Cleaner Day™  initiative include:

  • To champion universal appreciation for the cleaning operative and the valuable work they do.

  • To begin a culture of change for the industry.

  • For cleaning to be seen as a value centre, not just a cost centre for businesses.

  • To improve the status and understanding of the industry’s professionalism.

  • To positively represent the cleaning industry in the media.

  • To provide brand exposure for your organisation and its members through a positive and engaging campaign.


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