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The CSSA Women’s Group have, as their nominated charity “Safer Places”

Their mission is:

‘To drive down the incidence and impact of domestic and sexual abuse and to support those who use our services in their journey to recovery, resilience and independence.’

Due to the impact of COVID 19, they are facing a devastating loss of funds. Without funds they are at risk of not being able to deliver vital life-saving services and support to those who need it most, more now than ever, as survivors and victims are isolated alongside their abusers.

In these strange times the Women’s Group were unable to hold their Charity Treasure Hunt fundraiser through the City of London, as a repeat of the very successful event of last year. (It will be back next year, hopefully bigger and better!!)

So, this year we went virtual with a brain teasing quiz through ‘Teams’ and ‘My Quiz’ for a £10 entry and, if you were feeling generous a further donation, testing fellow members, colleagues and friends to pit their wits against each other for not only the generously sponsored bottle of bubbles, but also personal pride was at stake, to avoid the booby prize of the obligatory, but essential box of toilet rolls.

Teams were groups of four, pairs or individuals including AJ & the Dogs; Covidiots; The Dream Team (still dreaming); the highly competitive Pashton (disguised as our CSSA Deputy Chairman Paul Ashton); Team Q3; Jangrowit; The Chicks from Metsa and Dazed and Confused (well named as they didn’t get a single answer). With multiple choice questions and facing categories which included Film; Sport; Food & Drink; General Knowledge and of course Cleaning, the race was on to not only to get the correct multiple choice answer but also using the ‘fastest finger first’ to get much needed bonus points. No time was given to Google!! and the pained expressions on screen as the wrong button was selected added to the fun of the event.

A progressive competitive edge was generated through each category as the challenge for the leader board continued. The author of Jane Eyre (Anne or Emily no it was Charlotte)? The longest river in France? (Loire); The maximum number of clubs allowed in a player's golf bag (14); The actresses in the 1986 film Top Gun (Meg Ryan) proved quite taxing although the spirit was entered into well as the main ingredient in an 'Old Fashioned' cocktail clearly all but two got it right! (Bourbon).

The finale was the Cleaning round where naturally all our teams would excel. The nano technology of microfibre proved an easy one and we clearly knew it was Eric Hill as the founder of BICSc not Benny but it was oils in an oleo resinous seal and the original name of the ISSA that wrapped up a clear winner. AJ & the Dogs, (Alison Job of the Caravan & Motor Home Club) donated her bottle of Moet for an extended fundraising raffle at Jangro HQ, who had generously provided the prize. Metsa Chicks kindly donated the ‘prize’ of a box of toilet rolls to Safer Places where its use would be most welcomed and appreciated.

Some great feedback from those that participated with a wonderful total of £405.00 raised for the “Safer Places.” charity.

If you weren’t able to join us you can donate using their website

Safer Places is a registered charity: registration no. 1018832 & company number 2789572, Registered office PO BOX 2489, Harlow, Essex CM18 6WZ


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