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CSSA Environmental & Sustainability Award 2019

This award was championed and judged by the Waste Management Industry Training & Advisory Board (WAMITAB) and awarded to the company, team or  individual that has done the most to further sustainability or environmental awareness within the UK cleaning sector during the past 12 months. Our thanks to Chris James, CEO WAMITAB, who judged this Award.

Congratulations to Principle Cleaning Services in Partnership with Savills at Cannon Place for winning this category! Both Cleanology and Ecocleen achieved Highly Commended!

Chris commented “The content and context of [Principle Cleaning’s] entry is in the form of a case study about an office location housing a number of organisations. Waste management and recycling is the core focus of the entry. Principle Cleaning has adopted an holistic approach to sustainability in implementing coherent strategies to manage waste streams in the building. There is evidence of strong, positive  engagement  and demonstration of  very good results on the impact of the processes and facilities introduced. It is clear that the awareness raising and communication strategy has helped to contribute to a steady improvement in recycling. rates along with the partnership approach with the clients and service-provider, BPR, to ensure facilities are in place that  encourage office users to adopt more sustainable practices.”

Principle Cleaning Services Limited

Chris’ comments on the other category finalists!

Cleanology This was a strong entry with reference to the circular economy, ISO14001. The organisation appears to have fully embraced the green concept, with training forming part of its approach and recognition that sustainability measures need to be implemented across the board. Good use of statistics to demonstrate the impact of the measures that have been implemented balancing the green impact alongside the costs savings that have been achieved.

Ecocleen This was a strong entry which provided detail about the company’s commitment to sustainability as part of a continuous improvement programme across a number of key operational areas. Energy-efficient equipment, eco-friendly products and best practice techniques are at the core of the business model; and is strengthened participation in the Planet Mark sustainability programme. The entry included some excellent statistical evidence about the improvement programme, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of the business both centrally and across the franchise network.

Chequers This entry showed a strong and holistic commitment to sustainability. It was encouraging to read that training and awareness-raising had formed part of the strategy. They have implemented some wide ranging interventions in their efforts to be an eco-friendly service provider as well as supporting the community with a variety of “giving back” projects.

Peartree Cleaning This entry is in the form of a case study and relates to work with a specific client. It is clear that the company has a strong commitment to eliminate plastic from its supply chain, which is laudable. The company has worked to select the best cleaning solutions based on environmental impact, value added and cost efficiencies and this was recognised in June 2018 when they received an Environmental Excellence Award from BPR Paper Round, with whom they partner to manage the waste streams from the client’s office

We’d like to thank our sponsors ICE!


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