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Cleaning up with VR and AR

The cleaning industry has been around for a while, but new technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are new to the field. Augmented reality (AR), a technology that adds a layer of digital information on to the real world. While virtual reality (VR) creates a totally artificial environment that can be "inhabited" by the user, augmented reality allows him or her to experience a certain level of technological imagery while remaining firmly on home ground. For example, Our member Tork use AR to hand hygiene.

At our most recent Innovation Showcase, Jangro entered with the only VR innovation we have seen. Their Reality Learning Experience uses VR technology to train cleaning operatives. Jangro’s Learning Management Solution (LMS) courses now feature an all new experience and way of learning with their VR platform.

Here users can view seven virtual ‘worlds’; corridor, restaurant & bar, reception, office, washroom, kitchen,

changing room and shower area. The VR technology, which sits on Jangro LMS, enables the customer to see what products are required and how to clean that particular area.

The online system links to relevant digital resources, product usage guides, risk assessments and safety data sheets. It offers a blended learning experience where an entire company can learn at different times of

the day, from any location and any device.

The main USP of VR / AR technology is empowering company owners and customers with staff performance and also making learning simple, convenient and ensuring staff are fully trained meeting high standards.

Do you use AR or VR in your business? Do you want to be recognised for progressing the industry and having your business and achievements seen by over 7200 visitors? The Cleaning Show is UK's largest cleaning and hygiene event. It’s the only major event where companies can market, sell and promote their products and services to an international cleaning audience.

How to enter.

To enter the Innovation Showcase with the chance to exhibit at the Industry’s leading event, The Cleaning Show, capture the heart of your product, service or initiative and email All entries have a £250 fee, which will be refunded if unselected to exhibit at the Cleaning Show. To find out more and read about our previous winners visit


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