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Our 2020 Selected Innovators!

Last month we called upon the Cleaning Industry to enter our Innovation Showcase, an event that shines a spotlight on products, services and initiatives that gives rise to the application of better solutions to social, political and environmental requirements, and existing market issues.

All 31 submissions had the chance to pitch their innovations to a panel of Industry Experts, with those selected to go forward onto the main Innovation Showcase event. Our teams where impressed by the products, services and technologies that are coming out from our industry.  The event not only demonstrates that the Cleaning Industry is a driving force for the evolution in the cleaning field, but has the potential to reinvent a wide range of industries via serving social and environmental needs.

Each entrant had a 10 minute pitch to showcase their innovation to our teams, who then examined and questioned their product, service and initiative. After deliberations the panel selected 9 exciting innovations to go forward to the The Innovation Showcase 2020.

The criteria for selection is simple:

  • The product, service or initiative must have innovation at its heart.

  • It must add value to the cleaning and hygiene industry.

The innovators selected to go forward for the Innovation Showcase are:

  • Cheeky Panda: Bamboo Tissue Range

  • Essity: Tork EasyCube

  • Infraspeak: NFC Technology

  • iRecycle: Waste Management

  • Jangro: Virtual Room Experience

  • One Spray: Zoono Products Range

  • Spotta: Smart Pest Control Systems

  • uComply: Employment Challenge

  • WhiffAway: Smart Washrooms

A huge congratulations and thanks to all who entered! It’s impressive to see the massive changes the cleaning industry is undergoing. Head over to our YouTube channel to see our Deputy Chairman, Sean Taylor, catch up with all those who presented at the Innovators Pitch

The main event will be taking place at the iconic London Stadium on Thursday 19 March. Whether you’re an owner of a commercial or industrial cleaning company The Innovation Showcase is the perfect opportunity to see ways to optimize your process; increase productivity, improve quality, boost profitability and meet demands for a better environment.

Innovative cleaning processes are fundamentally altering the way business owners manage their companies, and how employees conduct their day-to-day activities. From green cleaning and new equipment to social media marketing and automated management, staying ahead of the competition means being aware of cleaning trends at all times.

To book your ticket to the event, email CSSA Chief Executive, John Findlater at

This biannual event is backed by the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA), which is sponsoring the event.


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